Tuesday, May 1, 2012

75 riders who have changed the face of bodyboarding - 60 - 56

60.     Tim Jones

In the 90’s, Tim Jones was the Evil Knievel of the bodyboarding world thanks to ONE session at Waimea Shorebreak. With that session and the waves that graced many a cover, he not only inspired groms and pros to go apeshit on psycho slabs, he did what not many bodyboarders do, get the attention of passersby with his exploits. Nowadays, he’s one of the best water photogs in the business. Guess getting pounded like a cold beer on a hot day has its payoffs.
59.     Todd DeGraaf

Toddy DeGraaf inspired a whole generation of riders and is often cited by a bunch of top level Aussie riders as an inspiration. Naturally talented, fluid, good laying down and on the knee, Toddy appeared in a handful of vids and always seemed to pump people into surfing.
58.     Ben Holland

Underground Tapes Volume 4. Watch Ben’s segment and tell me you don’t want to hit the water and try something that’ll injure your back. He was young, brash, and rode fast and high. Apart from inspiring hordes of Aussie grommets, his segment in that video probably inspired a lot of riders in the world and his air forwards were some of the best.

57.     Glenda Koslowski

Part of the dominant elite Brazo women who took over the sport in the late 80’s and early 90’s, Glenda is an athletic phenom excelling in more sports than you’d care to guess. She was fast and powerful and along with a select elite, she helped define what women’s bodyboarding could be.

 56.     Chris Burkhart

Burks was the epitome of being a big bruddah. Although we should all focus on his skills and freakish flexibility, his weight does come to mind when you think of him because he showed that skill and desire are what should define us. Add to that a dropknee barrel he caught in a pipe contest and you can’t help but smile because of the guy. I mentioned the weight thing for one reason, I know 3 riders who have said he was the reason why they rode, because he inspired them to keep surfing even if they were overweight. If inspiration is power, Brotha Burkhart is one of our kings.

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