Wednesday, May 9, 2012

75 riders who have changed the face of bodyboarding - 30-26

30. Mariana Nogueira

Power. That’s the only word you need to describe Mariana Nogueira. A dominant women’s champion in her own right, Mariana was one of the first female bodyboarders to charge on a worldwide scale.

29. Pierre Louis Costes

Known as the 2011 champion that can land a backflip in any size wave at any given moment. That the guy is a distant descendant of Adonis and from France just makes riders want to beat him even more. You can’t be that good and that handsome and get away with it. That he’s a fantastic rider makes him even more admirable. You see, when people need to pull a safety move, they go for a roll. What’s PLC’s safety move? A friggin backflip.

28. Nathan “Nugget” Purcell

Though sometimes his style looked a little all over the place, you just had to see him at Shark Island or Blackrock to understand how good the guy is. He invented the Gorf (an inverted air forward move), he charged, he had skills and if that weren’t enough, he actually saved the life of fellow sponger Lanson Ronquilio at Pipeline.

27. Danny Kim

The original standup bodyboarder, Danny Kim did floaters and snaps at Sandy Beach that left people scratching their heads as to how he landed them. As a grom, I stood up on my bodyboard on more than one occasion and it had all to do with Danny and something tells me that I’m not the only one.

26. Chris Taloa

Although Danny Kim pioneered standup bodyboarding, Chris Won Taloa was the guy who entered a surf contest, demolished his first heat and showed standup surfers that we can more than compete on their level. The next heat, he was deliberately underscored, but who cares, the damage had already been done with his smartass smile rubbing salt into the wound. Add to that epic exploits on DK, including one of the biggest backside dropknee tubes in the history of Pipeline, and you can’t help but think of Chris every time you order wonton soup.

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