Thursday, May 3, 2012

75 riders who have changed the face of bodyboarding - 50-46

50.     Lanson Ronquilio

Two words: Front Flip. One of the best attempts EVER at this move came from Ronk wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back when Bodyboarding Video Magazine was around. The fact that he was the pretty boy incarnation of the Bad Boy logo just added to the appeal. If I’m not mistaken, one year he was voted the most desirable male bodyboarder or something like that… Total WTF but it showed that when Lanson walked down the beach, people from all genders of life were watching. Add to this his stylish segments with his classic style, and you couldn’t help but want to do rolls coming out of the barrel, ARS’s and air forwards like Lanson.
49.     Hauoli Reeves

The original badboy of bodyboarding, Hauoli quite honestly didn’t give a shit about anything. He was there to have a good time, blast big airs and launch big rolls. Cousin to the famous actor who once coined the phrase, “I know Kung-Fu”, Hauoli had a tendency to cause mayhem and even get supposedly banned from Pipe, clashing with Pipe Legend Derek Ho in the water and on land. It’s not that there’s one reason he was called Rude Boy, it’s that he WAS the Rude Boy. Regardless, fun guy to watch in the water, as long as you weren’t getting your leash pulled by him.
48.     Adam Wingnut Smith

Another of those great Aussie young grom phenoms. Distinctive styles really help people stand out and at Shark Island, his inverts were my favorite to watch. Made famous by Strohy’s videos, Wingnut showed a knack for going big and deep and even wiping out with style.
47.     Fred Booth

Hawaii underground defined. Just when you thought Booth was out of the limelight, he’d pull off a crazy backdoor DK barrel that would get everyone hollering or pull off a backflip high enough to register on radar. Great on the knee and prone, Fred was a character and I knew of people who would replay his waves in a segment cursing that there wasn’t a full blown chunk of Fred to froth over.

46.     Vicki Gleeson

The first Australian charging woman I know of. That Vicki was easy on the eyes should never fool anyone watching, she could charge and was one of the first women chargers to show that power and grace can definitely get along. In addition, she married Jay Reale, the nicest guy in bodyboarding (which is saying something since so many spongers are so nice) thus becoming one half of the most famous couple in bodyboarding.

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