Thursday, May 16, 2013

I wrote a book and it's called Only Human

"Nathaniel Runnels isn’t a fan of life. He isn’t a fan of the news, which is a bust because he’s a reporter. He’s lost faith in journalism, in the truth, in civilization and in himself. So it’s quite the surprise when he gets swept up in a quest to save the world. Perception and reality collide as one man faces one question, would you sacrifice your humanity to save mankind?"

That's the description of my first book. A book I worked on for years. I did the research, wrote it all by hand, transcribed it, edited it, jotted down ideas and truly allowed myself to write what I wanted to write. After attempting to get the attention of some publishers, I quickly realized that I love writing... not selling what I write, so I self published my book digitally on Amazon Kindle and soon to be available on Barnes and Noble.

In a small blur of a moment, I went from working on my book to having it out there. And sure I expect skepticism because who is anyone to judge their own work as worthy of publishing. It’s digital so there won’t be a book signing... for now. But it’s mine... it’s alive, it’s out there and it’s called Only Human.

I'm actually very excited because it's the first time I share something that anyone with a computer can enjoy. Just in case, I have another blog called For writing out loud although I will continue to write here, since this is my first own blog and I've been able to actually interact with some very interesting people. So to anyone reading this, thanks for checking out this blog and if you want to read something that has angels, vampires, werewolves and characters with substance, by all means, give my book a shot. 


Check it out on Amazon clicking this link: