Friday, May 4, 2012

75 riders who have changed the face of bodyboarding - 45-41

45.     Phyllis Dameron

God Dameron could this woman charge! While big wave surfing is normally a testosterone driven realm, Phyllis charged Waimea on a sponge before it was even fashionable to do so. Like many of the female elite, she made guys envy not only her skills, but her balls.

44.     Jay Reale

Jay is a nice guy. If you have to ask why, you’ve obviously never met, spoken with or corresponded via email with him. I was able to enjoy a couple of email exchanges a couple of years back and I’m still grateful for him being so nice to a grom. Now that doesn’t mean he didn’t charge. His ARS’s are damn text book and his reverse bashes against the foam still remain on my wishlist of moves I wish I could pull off.

43.     JP Patterson

Winner of the first Pipe contest and pioneer of the wounded seagull stance, JP wasn’t aesthetically pleasing to some, but I always found his style interesting because it was so different, going against supposedly established core fundamentals and still charging and charging BIG. He survived one of the biggest closeout sets in Waimea history and was always known for going bigger than most people would even dare to draw on their notebooks.

42.     Cavin Yap

Although it feels like standup bodyboarding is an almost lost artform, I couldn’t help but remember Cavin while compiling this list because he threw chunks of water that standup surfers would kill to be able to do. He rode standup with the best most polished style and his carves were just killer.

41.     Paulo Barcellos

Brazilian world champ who busts… sound familiar? Like the best Brazo surfers, he was competitive, hungry and would do whatever it took to get the win, in the process becoming the second Brazilian to win at Pipe.

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