Tuesday, May 15, 2012

75 riders who have changed the face of bodyboarding - 16-20

20. Keith Sasaki

Sleeph Sahaki. A smartass if there ever was one, Keith also took dropknee riding to the next level of performance riding. The first rider I can remember of who threw tail, Keith had a knack for making spinners, carves and snaps look stylish while everyone was trying to figure out how to maintain rail control. As if that weren’t enough, he has what is undoutedly the coolest moustache in bodyboarding and that my friends, can’t be beat.

19. Ross McBride

In bodyboarding videos there are three major series that made an impact on everyone who bodyboards: Tom Boyle’s Bodyboarding video magazine, Christ Stroh’s Underground Videos and the No Friends Series. If you want the blueprint to the perfect surf video, watch the first No Friends video and try to keep yourself under control in Ross’s segment. The Boss could launch big, ride deep and manage to do a board spin like a jackass on one wave and a huge backflip on the next. Nowadays No Friends is still going strong and the Boss is… well the Boss as CEO of No Friends Inc.

18. Daniel Kaimi

Along with very few people Daniel Kaimi gained attention for the sport in the 70’s. The first bodyboarding world champion, Kaimi charged big and hard often blinding people paddling in with his supernova smile. All Aloha and one of those guys who are in it mainly to have fun, Daniel Kaimi will forever be known as one of the first Hawaiian wild men to choose the sponge over the toothpick.

17. Paul Roach

Paul is to bodyboarding what Mot├Ârhead is to thrash metal. Bodyboarding doesn’t have many rockstar personas, but Roach is rock and roll and then some. With probably the most sold dropknee board models in the history of bodyboarding, Paul threw tail with abandon and if he has a good point break, he’ll simply rip the hell out of the wave. As far as progressive and aggressive dropknee riding is concerned, no one comes close to Roach, ask ANY dropknee rider.

16. Mitch Rawlins

Mitch reminds me of Taj Burrow from the WCT for the simple reason that people are baffled as to why he hasn’t won a world championship. The difference is that while the standup surfer mentioned in this comparison has a style that can at times seem twitchy, Mitch is borderline perfect in his execution. When you see him surf, you can’t help but say that the way he does moves are the way they are meant to be pulled off. 

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