Tuesday, May 8, 2012

75 riders who have changed the face of bodyboarding - 35-31

35. Amaury Lavernhe

The 2010 Champ from Reunion Island is REAL good as a rider. Up to that point, all world champions had been from Brazil, Hawaii, Australia or South Africa (which only has one world champion). Amaury showed that growing up in a French tropical island paradise can and will produce a phenom. A well rounded rider who can bust in any condition, Amaury’s approach is deliberate to the point where you see his eyes on a wave and you know what he wants to do.

34. Dave Hubbard

If the secret of eternal life is joy and versatility, Dubb is a modern day sage. His joie de vivre is second to none and his skills are insane, just barely missing out last year on becoming the first bodyboarder to ever take out the dropknee and prone events in a Grand Slam Event. He’s good in the barrel, he’s good in the pocket, he’s good in the air, he’s good on the knee, he’s good standup and let’s face it… the best claims in existence are his. It’s not that Fu-Manchu would be proud of brother dub, it’s that cosmically speaking he is the fusion between Fu-Manchu and Charlie Chaplin with the genetic talent from having a last name Hubbard.

33. Andrew Lester

Pocket surfing isn’t easy… ask any rider… except Lester. The guy makes pocket surfing look downright preschool easy. A standup guy with great style, he’s someone you love to watch in big hollow surf just to see what he’ll put out of his ass and make look too easy.
32. Stephanie Peterson

Another female Brazilian charging woman, Stephanie was part of an elite crew that pushed women’s bodyboarding lightyears into the future, boosting, busting and committing to critical maneuvers a lot of guys would shy away from. So how good was she? How good does winning Pipe six times make you? 

31. Carol Philips

Big wave female hell woman. She was the first woman to compete against guys in Pipeline and to boot, she founded the World championship of Women’s Bodyboarding. Think Billy Jean King in terms of impact in female sports, and you get the idea of the importance of Carol Philips. As if that wasn’t enough, she was appointed in 2005 to the Hawaii State Commission on the Status of Women. There’s girl power… then there’s woman power. Carol embodies the latter.

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