Wednesday, May 16, 2012

75 riders who have changed the face of bodyboarding - 11-15

15. Jack Lindholm

Laidback to the point of Jack Johnson, Jack Lindholm took the world by storm as the first photographed bodyboarder. While people were asking themselves how to ride a bodyboard, Jack was pulling into huge barrels on his knee. Known as the Father of Dropknee he was also known for taking off prone on some huge waves just to erase any question from the minds of people. But when it comes to Jack, there’s only one spot you think about… Pipe. His style was very particular to the point where I’ve never seen anyone else ride like him, and it’s just as well because it’s not like he learned how to dropknee like most normal humans, he was born to do it.

14. Alistair Taylor

South African hellman. If you think big waves and you fail to mention Alistair, you haven’t seen his heats at Pipe and you’ve obviously overlooked he’s one of a select few who’s ridden Mavericks on a sponge. While most other nationalities may be more radical and in your face, South Africans have a tendency to ride ultra smooth and go way big. Case in point Neil Stephenson, Andre Botha, Jared Houston, Mark McCarthy, Dean Seppings and the Cockwell Brothers. What do all of these guys have in common? Smooth riding, deep tubes, big gonads and the chill factor off the hook. Alistair wasn’t the first but definitely seems to have been the hardest working of all Zaffas. In the 90’s, he lived off potatoes during his first North Shore stint which he was able to achieve thanks to the support of his church back home and in the process blew minds by taking off bigger and deeper than most mortals.

13. Damian King

If there’s a party to be had, Kingy will be there. The Joker also has a tendency to excel wherever there is water breaking and is the first and only rider to win a prone and dropknee world title. Kingy has talent to spare, skills to put you to shame and the musky manhood of a mythological beast who lives to rip the hell out of huge slabs (watch the Joker vid for documentation). Back to back World championships in ‘03 and ‘04 show that when he's on, you'd better watch out and his Shark Island victory still runs chills down my spine.

12. Spencer Skipper

The heir apparent to Stewart, Spencer never managed to bridge that professional gap… Instead he just rides good enough for spongers the world around to envy him. When describing Spencer’s style you’ll hear words like smooth, perfect, stylish and above all else… natural.

11. Steve Bullet Mackenzie

Bullet’s nickname is well earned because he’s the fastest rider I’ve ever seen on video and people say he was even faster live. While some riders can will perfect waves to come their way, Macca has a way of commanding speed bursts to push through the deepest sections. To boot, he loves the big surf. As a rider, it was always amazing to me that he had such a hard time getting sponsors. That aside, his victory over Kainoa at Maxing Pipeline shall always cement him as a legend. One interesting detail though, I’ve always suspected he has a life threatening allergic reaction to rollos because if you see Bullet footage throughout all the years, if he’s busted three rolls in all that time, I’d be surprised.

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