Monday, May 7, 2012

75 riders who have changed the face of bodyboarding - 40-39

40. Uri Valadao

Brazilian world champ that can win in any condition and will whip a wave into submission. In small waves he’s relentless and he can pull out a 7 pt. ride out of mush. The thing is that he performs in all conditions, and that’s a rare feat and something truly commendable because whether it’s 1ft or 12ft, he can win and look good. 
39. Aka Lyman

Backside dropknee riding is probably what it is today thanks to Aka. Rarely does anyone even think of getting the extension he could get on a snap. His frontside attack was also insane, but his backside was just mental, period. One of the most rounded riders ever to put a knee up.
38. Isabela Sousa

What do Jared Houston and Isabela Sousa have in common? In 2011, they both launched and landed their first air reverses in competition. Isabela is fast, fierce and will make boys cry for putting any skills they have to shame in any condition. 

37. Dave Ballard

An Australian dropknee legend, count how many times he hit the lip and landed. The guy was insane. That he also pulled off full extension layback slides and had a hell of a backhand carve might almost prompt you to forget he could charge prone. For evidence of greatness, look for Underground Tape Vids 4 and 5 and bring a bib. Oh, and did I mention he also charges prone? Then double check him.

 36. Karla Costa

Brazilian world champ who can charge. Sound oddly familiar. Karla is one of those pro women’s bodyboarders who took time to make a family and come back to pick up where she left off. Great style, great spinners, has power, charges and all the while seemed super shy, well that is until the horn in a heat sounded, then you were screwed.

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