Monday, April 30, 2012

75 riders who have changed the face of bodyboarding - 65-61

65.     Nelz Velocido

Tell me you wouldn’t like a name as cool as Nelz Velocido. Hell, with a name like that you just have to itch to want to be a superhero, which is adequate since Nelz liked to launch. His projected forward airs still baffle me and his back flips were some of the best. 
64.     Simon Thorton

If there’s a big barrel to be had, Thorto is there. A hell charger who’s taken off on some of the heaviest barrels I’ve ever seen, Thorto is the essence of big wave tube riding combined with solid maneuvers.

63.     Brett Young

Brett Young was a character and part of the legendary Cronulla crew. He pulled into big pits, gave the finger to the establishment and would do anything for a good laugh… like shave someone’s eyebrow off. He died from a car crash in Japan but in his time alive, he did everything possible to get a rush and a laugh, be it pulling into insane slabs or eating Mos Burgers and looking for the deadly Razor Back (watch Underground Tapes segments to get the joke).
62.     Ross Hawke

The first Australian signature bodyboard was Rossie’s and for good reason, he charged, won a bunch of contests in Australia and regularly did well at Pipe, any sponger’s calling card. But when I think of Ross, I think of those classic expeditions to unknown places in Australia searching for huge waves to charge with the likes of Bullet.  

61.     Nicolas Capdeville

The first French guy I ever heard of bodyboarding was Nicolas and one of the biggest boosted rolls I’ve ever seen off the end bowl of Pipe is from this guy. He’s making a comeback and I think it’s interesting since surely thanks to his influence, other French guys got the idea to surf and make it to World Titledom.

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