Saturday, April 28, 2012

75 riders who have changed the face of bodyboarding - 75-71

75.     Tanner McDaniel

Tanner McDaniel qualified to compete at Pipe at an age where most of us are too busy discovering ourselves sexually. That he pulled off an angry dragon in a contest at half point would be enough to impress anyone… that he’s pulling off ARS’s after riding for 2 years, if that, is plain scary. We’re keeping an eye out for this kid and hoping that he keeps humble, hungry and charging. 

74.     David Tuarau

Tahitian bodyboarding is blowing up and one of the biggest exponents is David Tuarau, who is pulling off Angry Dragons and spine twisting moves off sections most mortals would rather just stall and get shacked on. Seeing what he’s doing is like seeing in real life what we’re all trying to figure out with an action in our hands.

73.     Seamus Mercado

In the 80’s and early 90’s, Merc charged with the best of them. His through-the-lip rolls and Sandy Beach exploits were killer inspiration to anyone with charging on their agenda but his claim to fame had to be those first board cam shots on the cover of BB magazines. 

72.     Kai Santos

Talking about charging at Sandy Beach… Kai Santos was a Sandy’s maniac. Pulling into the scariest shorebreak slabs you could imagine, often subjecting his body to attempting psycho rolls on macking closeouts or going for lip bashes on waves where the lip was twice as thick as the wave. Simply put, his segments made me want to charge huge shorebreaks.

71.     Chris Tennberg

Chris Tennberg held true to the Kauai Classic formula, solid DK, solid prone, fierce competitor. There has to be something special brewing in the water over there. He may have been the most subdued of the Kauai Classic team, but seeing as how good they all were, that’s not saying much.

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