Thursday, April 12, 2012

75 riders who have changed the face of bodyboarding - Intro

Bodyboarding has a lot more history than people give the sport credit for. Actually, riders have a lot more talent and have done more surfing in general than they are given credit for. From pushing the boundaries of moves that are pullable, to new lines, to discovering mutant slabs, bodyboarders are a cut above stand up surfers. I'm not saying this because I myself am a bodyboarder... objectively speaking, standup surfing may be harder, but when it comes to pushing the limits about what you can do on a way, they have no business trying to go up against spongers. After some thought, I decided to compile  list of the 75 most influential bodyboarders my memory could conjure up. If you want to comment, if you have an opinion or if you just want to share a post with a fellow wave rider, feel free to do so.


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