Sunday, April 29, 2012

75 riders who have changed the face of bodyboarding - 70-66

70.     Shawnee Oide

Shawnee was one of the top female riders from Hawaii, in a time where Brazil dominated women’s surfing, Shawnee held the Hawaiian flag up high. Good style, solid skills and charged Hawaiian style.

69.     Chad Miletante

Honolua Bay is right hand perfection. A long wave that barrels, has sections and demands balls, skill, condition and vision. Out of all the Maui riders who charge… which are A LOT, for a time Chad Miletante soared above the rest, going higher and deeper than most. You see while most average people make a claim when they land a roll off a 5 foot section, he’s pulling off air reverses off 10 ft sections and thinking of what he’ll do after landing. 

68.     Jackie Buder

Backside dropknee riding isn’t an easy thing to do, ask any guy who takes a knee. Jackie didn’t care one bit and showed just how good a backside slash could look. 

67.     Babby Quiñones

Rubén Babby Quiñones is the closest a Puerto Rican has gotten to a Pipe crown, getting second place twice. His riding is fluid and powerful; he busts big, goes deep and has great tube riding skills he’s honed the world over. He’s also one of the people who have shown that Puerto Ricans can excel at sports other than baseball and boxing. 

66.     Eddie Solomon

Last year, California lost one hell of a rider and one hell of a human being. Eddie Solomon charged and a friend of mine was lucky enough to meet him and share a session. All smiles, you’d never guess the guy would chuck himself off some of the world’s gnarliest waves, but he did, which pales in comparison to the good guy he was.

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