Thursday, April 5, 2012

My top 100 films of the decade (That I watched) 21-30

30. Mulholland Drive 

– One of two lynch films in the 2000’s and I think maybe his best, though I’m between this and Blue Velvet. It’s just that this movie was so beautifully well made. Add to that one of the hottest G2G scenes in existence and you are forced to admit that David Lynch has as much talent filming memorable films as he does casting beautiful women. 

29. A Beautiful Mind 

– There is such a thing as being too smart for your own good. A Beautiful Mind IS a movie for which Russell Crowe deserved the Oscar and the supporting cast was beyond solid. Just goes to show, a Beautiful Mind is a terrible thing to waste… so watch and repeat.

28. Quills 

– The Marquis de Sade is by far one of the more wonderfully twisted REAL people I’ve ever read about and this film gave us yet another extraordinary showing of why Geoffrey Rush is one of the best actors alive today. Dark, twisted and deliciously Sadistic.

27. District 9 

– Quite possibly the most important Sci-Fi film since the Original Matrix, District 9 brings a very distinct flavor to the genre and pushes in directions you can’t help but gaze at. One part fictional docu film, this movie shows what happens when brains and budget meet. If they don’t use Blomkamp to film the Halo Series, they better find someone who can do as good a job.

26. Moon 

– If you think I’m including this movie because it’s fresh on my mind, let me be the first to swat that thought from your brain. I’m not going to say Moon is the end all movie of all movies, but along with a couple other movies, it has reenergized Sci fi and inspired me to write a short story. If only for the last reason alone, I’m inclined to include it. That Sam Rockwell finally got a chance to show he’s an actor to be taken even more seriously is another reason.

25. Road to Perdition 

– Forget that this movie is well acted, well written and well scored. Now focus on how this movie is shot and you’ll see a movie that blew my mind from a directorial standpoint because it is just so damn beautiful to watch. Maybe it’s a stretch, but I felt hints of Akira Kurosawa in some shots and everything in this movie just delivered, including a very gut wrenching ending. Tom Hanks did a hell of a job convincing me he was a badass by the way, and I don’t think I would have ever thought saying that was possible.

24. Kill Bill Vol 1 

– Beatrix has a two part saga that definitely shows why Tarantino is widely considered one of the best of all time. Each installment has its distinctive style. Each one has memorable fights. Each one has great dialogue (big wonder from a Tarantino flick). This is girl power at its finest expression and you can’t help but enjoy each and every death of the Deadly Viper squad. Black Mamba is a fitting term for Thurman’s deadly on screen bliss.

23. Sin City 

– A classic Graphic Novel gets the Robert Rodriguez treatment to bring one of the most faithful and beautiful on screen adaptations of any kind. To put it simply, style, grace, great casting, top notch acting and the twisted mind of Frank Miller brought me one of the darkestly delicious experiences in my movie watching life.

22. Requiem for a Dream 

– By far one of the strongest films I’ve ever seen, and one of three I’d show all high school kids when they come of age so they don’t mess up (The others being Kids and American History X), Requiem is another example of how good Darren Aronofsky can be and that if he’s aiming to make you feel terrible after a film, there’s just no way he can do any wrong. Real, beautiful, intense, and the type of movie that makes you appreciate what you have in life. If you want your kid to say no to drugs, show them this flick.

21. Curious Case of Benjamin Button 

– I know you may not like the movie, but I did and I also thought the acting, the makeup, the set designs, the special effects, the story and pretty much everything was top notch. A love story with some bite in it and definitely one of the more memorable characters ever based on the Mork and Mindy theory of aging.

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