Sunday, August 30, 2009

Resolution Report!

Fifth installment in the Resolution Reports. Am I behind? You bet your ass, but these will come out as they have to come out. Period. It’s been a while and a lot of numbers have changed but cans till make further progress, let’s see if I can keep it up til year’s end.


Bicep Curls
2,330 / 5,000

Butterfly curls
2,330 / 5,000

2,330 / 5,000

5,200 / 10,000

Jumping Jacks
6,700 / 10,000

3,975 / 10,000

Miles run/walked
3 / 100

Definitely low on this, but hoping to pick it up for the last four months of the year.

Yoga classes

Meditation/Reflection/Goal setting hours
4 / 100

Incredible but true, but I’m only in my third hour of this. But will try and put some hours up for this month. Let’s see if I don’t forget as has happened in other occasions.


Freelance jobs
6 of 10. Might just make the quota, but damn is it going to be a close call.

Work proposals
2 of 10 approved

8 more in the pipeline

Small ideas approved, the other 8 I’d mentioned before are still in the pipeline.

Work on portfolio
N/A If this becomes a priority, it will be treated as such, for now, no luck.


Surf Sessions
23 / 50

Picked it up a bit but still need to get some help from Papa Poseidon. Here’s hoping for some better luck surfwise

Swim / bodysurf / water activities
3 / 10

Have had a few fun times but it’s been some time since I did exclusive water activities.

Local tourism

No plans yet, but actually have info to remedy this. Let’s see if I stop dicking around.

0 / 5

Even if I only have one this year, it’s Pearl Jam, so I’m good. And I actually found about some other concerts I might be able to go if I’m lucky… let’s hope for the best.

0 / 2

Actually going to Philly to watch Pearl Jam… talk about killing two birds with one stone. Can’t waittttttttttt

Writing with Pen & Paper
The book is coming along and I’m penning countless other ideas on a small notebook so I’m doing pretty good on this front, but wish I were doing better, because that would mean my book would be near complete.

18 / 40

Disctrict 9 – Odd, different, weird, intense, stimulating. Best movie ever? No. But I’m extremely happy I saw it.

Brüno - If there’s such a thing as TMI, then there has to be a TMG. Gayness takes front and center in this movie that will have you in stitches from so many things that you really shouldn’t be laughing about.

Harry potter and the Half Blood Prince – Slow paced… visually amazing but much more than a movie, it’s a visual companion to the books. Fans will love, casual fans will be confused, haters will keep hating.

Transformers 2 – Rise of the Fallen: WOW… this movie was all over the place and I can’t help but think they wanted to condense three movies into one… and it didn’t work.

Public Enemies – My expectations were so ridiculously high that it’s natural that I felt the movie blew… It’s not a terrible flick… but it just didn’t click with me on any levels and by the end, I was thinking how to pull off a Dillinger Escape while maintaining my dignity intact.

The Hangover – Pure solid screwed up gold. I laughed from start to finish and loved every second of this new reason for not wanting a Bachelor Party.

The Proposal – I was actually surprised I laughed so much in this over par chick flick. Don’t let the nature of the movie fool you, it’s funny, interesting, random and actually quite a lot of fun.

Land of the Lost – Ok so I was the only one in the theater having a super blast… sue me, but I loved this flick for it’s B movie goodness.

Up – Just the movie I wanted to see… very fun, and very beautiful visually and let me soar up as high as five million helium balloons would allow.

Paul Blart

Angels and Demons

The Wrestler

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


Slumdog Millionaire


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Star Trek

Watch DVD’s I’ve bought

Broken Saints – Simply put, one of the most important things I’ll ever watch in my life. Amazing and soon should be coming the live action version… let’s hope it does the animated version justice.

Lost Seasons 1-4 (Already on Season 5) – Deliciously addictive.

Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life – A true comedy classic showing just how smart stupid can be.

Twin Peaks series (both seasons+pilot) – Weird, campy, odd, interesting and definitely worth a second watch, if only to transcribe the log lady intros.

Pi – So real and weird it’s scary. Aronofsky in Black and white. Brilliant.

Escape from New York – Kurt Russell and John Carpenter can do no wrong… well in the 80’s at least.

Inland Empire – If you don’t like Lynch, there is nothing here for your enjoyment. Turn on the weird and tune out the world.

Growing Up – Concert by Peter Gabriel… simply amazing… as usual. Great music, hell of a stage, wonderful show. Nuff said.

Soda Stereo Unplugged – Hell of a concert movie… Two thumbs wayyyy up

Videogames finished
10 / 20

Zakk and Wikki – Quest for Barbaro’s Treasure – Wii – One of the most enjoyable videogaming experiences in my life. Odd, quirky and one of the games that best makes use of the Wiimote.

Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes – Game Cube – Great game, classic storyline, steep learning curve and just plain fun.

Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty – PS2 – Weirder storyline than the first game but better controls overall.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater – PS2 – Best MGS I’ve played and I one of my 3 favorite boss fights ever in gaming. Memorable characters, great score, revamped controls, added features and more MGS fun than you can shake your silenced stick at.

Kingdom Hearts – It took me two years to finally decide to finish this game. Not bad at all, but for some reason I just found it hard to even want to finish the damn thing.

Final Fantasy 1 – Throwback RPG that will try your patience regarding redundant battles and possibly the weakest game ending I’ve ever been exposed to.

Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy – Great platforming is not easy to do and standing out is even harder but Jak’s first installment made an excellent impression on me. Fun gameplay, great graphics and just fun to play through.

Jak 2 – huge world but lack of direction takes away from this title. Much more engrossing and much more serious storyline but still very solid. My main problem was the whole hovercraft torture of the game.

Jak 3 – Takes all the problems from Jak 2 and SOLVES them. Rarely have I seen a sequel be THAT responsible in addressing all issues regarding a previous installment. The best, funniest, tightest and more entertaining Jak in the series.

Final Fantasy IV – CLASSIC RPG that truly made my day to joy. THAT was the throwback RPG I needed to play to get me in the mood of loving games again.

Currently on – Final Fantasy VI

Books read
8/20 – Read some random books, all over the place, but enjoying the reads.

2nd book of The Bartimeus Trilogy – The Golem’s Eye – Good continuation to the story but not as good as the first one.

3rd book of the Bartimeus Trilogy – Ptolemy’s Gate – A hell of an ending and the no holds barred installment of the story. Great character development, interesting twists and an ending that will have you nodding in approval, even if it is anything but Hollywood.

The Wind in the Willows – A book most people should read for the exercise of character development especially in the characters of Badger, Mole and of course, that crazy Toad. Not to forget the Water Rat, but the other characters were very complete and it was amazing to read since this is a kid’s story with all the limitations seen in most children’s book (mainly skipping months in three lines and not having a good grasp on timing).

Fahrenheit 451 – Scary how this reads like it was written yesterday. Brilliant book though the ending drags a bit. One of those books whose brilliance stems from the development much more than the ending.

Angels and Demons – Better movie than Da Vinci, but lesser a book. Some lines and scenes read like something a teenager would write to be honest. If you hate me for saying that, by all means defend the Helicopter jump scene or the last line of the book. I dare you.

Nightwatch – Excellent sci-fi fantasy read. Very different narrative and very fresh ideas from a brilliant mind from Russia.

Joker’s Asylum – Great compilation of tales of the Joker. More fuel to my crazed love for this delightful villain.

Hardy Boys – I needed to finally understand all the jokes I hear from the Hardy Boys. To put it lightly, these books are Scooby-Doo sans dog, munchie desiring hippie, hottie and lesbian. I swear I felt dumber once I read this train wreck.

Currently on – Thus Spake Zarathustra – Nietzche… yeah I’m weird like that. Going from a graphic novel, to Hardy Boys, to Nietzche. This book is brilliant by the way.

Playing guitar

Actually been playing guitar a lot more recently and I’m really happy about that.


Get new computer

My comp is up and running, and I’m a cheery bugger. New antivirus and a cleanup means being connected to the world without a super inversion.

Net connection

Loving the DSL, it’s so fast, and sexy. I’d have its children.

Digital recorder

No news on this, might wait to buy a comp for that, but still on my mind. Let’s see what I do.

Digital Camera

Still haven’t bought a cam.. I suck…


Save Money

Baby stepping savings continues. Got some more cash flow and for next year, I’m going to need it.

Still everything’s on time, but working to further promote that.

Mom’s cakes
Officially need to reestablish my relationship with this project.

A few bucks here and there but no new contribution. Still up $200 and looking to offer some extra cash to another cause… will keep posted if there’s news on this.


Learn / record songs
Have continued writing songs, but haven’t recorded anything… dang…

Learn Random Info
I’d forgotten about this and maybe I’ll use it to reach my quota. I’d said I’d look for random info and make random posts that probably no one will read, but will be a fun write for me.

Read the news
Still reading, learning, and living large.

Retake French
July ended and still no French book.. to be honest, this has definitely taken a back seat… let’s see if I can get my poo poo together.

Dance classes
Still haven’t look into that info… have to see what I do with this.


WAS posts
111 / 200 (as of august 30th)

Have 4 months to go, which averages to less than 25 posts a month, this is pretty much in the bag, but let’s not get too cocky.

Posts in other blogs
23 +9 / 100

Keeping quite busy in the blog writing sense of the word. This is one of three blogs, the others being Why Advertising Sucks and Laser Eater. I’m always writing on WAS but Laser Eater I have it a bit forgotten, have to change that ASAP but since I can’t write at work, then it becomes a bit harder because I don’t always get home with the urge to rant.

Finish book
Finished chapter 38. Very interesting the twists the book demands from my brain and how I just go along with it. Halfway through Chapter 39, let’s see if we can’t finish up that puppy this week. Having said that now, I probably jinxed myself.

Write short stories
0 / 10
Still at zero… have to switch tactics on myself… any suggestions… oh wait, I forgot that pretty much no one reads this blog lol. Oh well. I like being schizo like this.

Essay project
0 / 20
Zero for 20… nice… sometimes it’s impressive how much I suck.

Draft story arcs
0 / 3
I will quit dicking around with this and will organize myself during the month of August… that is an additional resolution.

Movie Script
Still pending
Let’s baby step this one ok? There’s just a lot of stuff I really have to focus on.

Progress reports
5/ 12
Because of connection and comp issues, I’ve lazed off quite a bit so I will have to make mid month reports just to be able to accomplish this goal.

Standup piece
N/A – Still haven’t found a place to put this in agenda. Actually want to re-read what I wrote and see if I can’t get inspired and rant a little more and finish the damn thing.

Be more positive
Glimpses of the old self have come around, but for the most part staying positive and making lemonade as often as possible. Some days it gets to be too much and my patience wears thin, but I guess that’s just me being intolerant to an otherwise kick-ass existence.

Forgive people
Actually got to speaking terms with one of the people that had won my scorn. Interesting interaction to be honest, let’s see how long it lasts.

Negative energy
Work has been kind of crazy and the corporate BS has gotten to me on more than one occasion, but with a change of outlook and a little prescription strength fukitol, anything is possible.

Loving my fiancée

I work hard to make her smile and enjoy life. She’s one of the greatest inspirations in my life and I can’t help but be thankful I’m marrying my muse. Love you darling.

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