Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pearl Jam - Speed of Sound Scavenger fun

So i was a bit late into getting my first listen of Pearl Jam's new track titled Speed of Sound. Now before anyone goes thinking I have education problem, no I did not take four days to find all the images to unlock the downloadable track... oh wait, I get ahead of myself. If you didn't know, Pearl Jam is releasing an album. If you didn't know about that then you might not know that they debuted one of the tracks on their album on Conan Obrien's debut on the Tonight Show. The audio was weird but the song insisted on being awesome, and it succeeded. If you didn't know that, then you probably didn't know that they released a new single on their website and that is already on pre sale as well as the album. And if you didn't know any of that, you probably had no idea that they had a scavenger hunt where your reward for finding all nine pictures of the cover art is a music download.

If you didn't know any of this and are still reading, then I'm impressed because I wouldn't believe you were interested in this band if you didn't know all of that. For your info, Pearl Jam hid nine images from their album throughout the web. I could give all the links to all the pictures, but I seriously think that defeat the purpose and takes away half the fun. Is this an innovative, crazy out there idea... not really. It turns out that Muse did it and you could win a free Dr. Pepper... but since Pearl Jam does not have a bar code on their taint, your reward should you choose to finish the hunt is a download of the demo version of a great song.

I for one am happy with the hunt, with the song and with this band. I proudly proclaim they are my favorite band, I'm going to watch them live for the fourth time and I can't help but smile with every memory that has anything to do with these guys. I've read some people think the hunt was lame, that they didn't like the song and yadda yadda and bull crap. The tendency of people just wanting to be haters and being major douche debbie downers is just insulting to someone who is trying to become more optimistic and for the most part is happy to let people enjoy their cup of tea, especially when it's not mine.

There are so many people that insist that Pearl Jam hasn't put out a great album since Ten that I just have to scratch my head everytime I see their Creed rocks T-shirts. For my part, I'm passing on the hating and am just smiling at the speed of sound... and I suggest you get cracking on that scavenger hunt so you can do the same.


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