Monday, August 3, 2009

Antimotivationally Speaking

Go into any bookstore and you will see at least ten new self motivational books, or self help books. The rate at which this category grows on a daily basis pretty much inspires me to puke since people got motivated, wrote a motivational book and are raking in the millions.

So what if I can justify the existence of a self help book even if someone uses it as a literary crutch to replace a bible with. People seem to overlook the fact that motivation comes from inspiration and that changes from one person to the next. I say unmotivate yourself into spending money on a motivation book. Go to Barnes and Noble, browse the title, get the jist of it, take notes if you want and get on cracking with your life. I know you're also extremely busy because you have work to do, stuff to by and children to leave at a day care, but seriously, take two minutes from your oh so busy life, analyze yourself and know that in less than one minute you already know five things you want to change about yourself.

Often I've been recommended by Kool aid chugging people to read, listen to or watch the Secret. It'll change my outlook on life, it'll help me achieve all that I want to achieve and be all I can be (Yo Joe). To these people who have recommended this piece of motivationess I have one thing I'd like to clear up for you:

Thinking positively will not do anything for you. Nothing. Absolute zero Kelvin nothing in the spectrum of life. It's the same as attributing someone getting better from health due EXCLUSIVELY to the power of prayer.

Now that you have been able to read that and formulate your opinion of how much of a Debbie Downer I am, let me offer you the second half of that thought.

Thinking positively will do nothing for you, but ACTING positively will yield results faster than a speeding bullet. Help an old lady cross the street and you've instantaneously made someone's day a little brighter. Say good morning, good afternoon, good evening or just a cheery hello with a smile, and I guarantee your odds will be better to obtain a positive client employee interaction because it applies both ways. Hold a door, call a friend, tell your mom you love her, slap your dad's hand away and give him a hug, do something for Christ's Sake. But J, a positive mindset will allow you to do so much more... Well not if you don't do anything.

You want a key to happinness, it's actually very simple but it'll take some getting used to... do something without expecting something for that action because once you beging expecting, waiting for, desiring or wanting to force a reaction, you are lost onto the world.

But no. People need to read books, take yoga classes, eat yogurt that regulates their digestive system and need a crutch, an external push or an incentive to do something that should be done for their own benefit and for their own evolution as a human being. So by all means, unmotivate yourself if it'll help you hit rock bottom, ground your feet and start doing things and making decisions without depending on feedback or approval to do so.

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