Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pearl Jam is not "Returning to Form"

You see to return to form, you have to lose it. You have to slip up. You have to do something wrong. Pearl Jam has done neither. True, they may have avoided writing another Ten, but for someone who has been a fan for seventeen years, I know I'm biased, but I also know I'm honest, and there is nothing Perl Jam has done wrong... well maybe "Hey Foxymophandlemama, That's Me", but that's besides the point. No other band could make me prouder to be a fan, a biased, unruly no nonsense tolerating fan. People say everything has sucked since Ten, and I kindly refer them to their cd collection including Limp Bizkit, Good Charlotte, Story of the Year, and the Now music series.

Seriously, if you're not a fan, that's kosher, just don't go trying to rain on my parade because you can and will be ignored, but the memory of you will stick out like some ungodly dump that had me crawling on the floor while wiping.

Are some albums better than others... well there's actually no answer to this question. You can say some albums were more accesible, poppier, harder or mellower... but better? Well no. Music wise they always deliver and they go through different phases, liking to play different things. This isn't Metallica cutting their hair and playing something that sounds like what's out there. They've NEVER played like what's out there and they've always played what they've wanted to play.

You could maybe say they're a little too political for you but I can't help but want music with a message in my collection. People often scoff at some of their titles and to me, every album has meant something to me in different points in my life. Ten was my first rock album and I was beginning a long and gratifying relationship. Vs has the edge and anger that was coming to in me at my early teens yet had beautiful tracks that to this day make me breathe deep and just reflect on my life. Vitalogy sounded like it came from the 70's rock and 80's punk era respectively and during the only time I've ever contemplated suicide, their music didn't pull me out of the gutter, but it did help me piece shit in my head that wasn't making sense. No Code I didn't even know it was coming out and I stumbled on it on its release day at Spec's and I've never had a more randomly pleasant surprise than having an album from my favorite band just pop up in front of me. From this album I have special love from In My Tree, Off he Goes and Present Tense... not to mention that when I die I want Around the Bend to be playing. Then I fizzled slightly on Pearl Jam for some reason and I still listened to them, but something had skipped at beat.... then came yield... and that fire that burned so fiercely in me erupted like some dormant volcano that woke from a Coma. I'd never been that amped to have Pearl Jam in my life and I found myself backtracking to buy all the singles and have PJ binges that would last weeks. I played yield so much I thought it was going to burn right through, but it didn't. I felt inspired, energized and I was given to fly. Then came Binaural... an album I initially didn't totally get. I enjoyed it don't get me wrong... but it didn't click with me until about a year later when I found myself writing and listening to the album... then I hit repeat all and after five listens I realized that it clicked and that though a bit of a test, it finally settled into my soul with all my Pearl Jam memories. Then came Riot Act, an album that isn't my favorite through and through, but that has enough jems for me to enjoy. What was different for me on this album though, was that I finally realized that the album was just the beginning and that these songs demanded to be listened to live... which I did, and I found great appreciating for the live demos found on the album, and the scorching numbers that were kind enough to explode my head. Then came the Avocado and I was amped again... I'd been amped since Yield and it's gotten more intense as time has passed. i played World Wide Suicide to no end but found great satisfaction in Big Wave, Inside Job and Come Back. The whole album is solid through and through... but those foud tracks begged me to hit replay. Then we have present day. I heard Got Some, DVR'd the performance and have listened to that song well past 50 times. I've heard the fixer on their site and was amazed at how happy Ed sounded... damn... I don't think I could remember when Ed sounded that happy in a song and I not only don't mind, but happilly jump on the wagon and smile as I jump up and down like some ridiculous teenager who wears clothes that fit him poorly and who is battling pubescent acne. Now comes Speed of Sound... This song seems like a song that will resonate with me for years to come... It is in the vein of the Into the Wild soundtrack, whic means mellow, folksy, and a song to enjoy over a cup of coffee if you're alone.

That's not counting the side projects, soundtrack appearances, and collaborations all members of the band have done throughout the years. For my part, this relationship keeps getting better and I can't help but send good thoughts on a wave to my unknown friends. I'd write something like keep true to yourselves, but you don't need a random blogger fan saying this and the genuine fire that is your integrity burns bright. So I finish this post with well wishes of great waves and great times.


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