Monday, November 16, 2009

Fountain of weird: Moxie Soda

I'm somewaht of a soda freak and any chance I get, I try any different soda I come across. The only thing that limits me is pretty much availability and I've known to finish a soda I don't like just for the sake of saying I gave it a bottle's worth of a shot.

Enter a few random sodas I've had and I decided to give my take on them, starting with the oldest of em all, Moxie Soda.

Since 1884, this cold syrup meets j├Ąger delicatessen has been sold to soda lovers near and far and though it's no Coca Cola, well for lack of a better word, it has Moxie. By this I mean that this soda is not for middle ground people looking for something most people will enjoy. You either enjoy it and find it interesting or would rather use it to clean your toilet or driveway. Its flavor reminds me to the cola flavored Bottle Cap candy and I really enjoyed it. If you need another reason to enjoy it, then just look at the logo and product design. It's so oldschool that you can't help but go with the flow of the vintage brew.

So if you're looking for something that goes good with a bit of ice cream or after an especially hot afternoon and want it to have a kick, try and find this 19th century soda. It's not easy, but I honestly think it's worthwhile and then some.


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