Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fountain of Weird: Iron Beer

Who owuld have thought such an interesting carbonated brew would come from Cuba. As far as weird sodas go, I can't go to Miami and not have an Iron Beer. Simply can't and it's a rule of thumb, index, ring, middle or pinky finger. One of my favorite sodas is just not as accesible as you'd like it to be mainly because it's from Cuba and if you haven't noticed, the US and that beautiful island can't seem to get along too well. Actually, the company is based off Miami but it doesn't have a massive distribution scheme and apart from southern Florida, I have no idea where you can get your hands on it.

Political agendas and socio cultural conflicts aside, this soda is an original in every sense of the word because its taste seems like some strange combination of flavors. Almost as if you'd taken three sodas and mixed it all in one peculiar drink. Some people say it's a fruitier Dr. Pepper and that's not a bad assessment, but if you ask me, it's a mix of Kola Champagne (a Puerto Rican sugar bomb guaranteed to make your jaw hurt from the sugar rush), Orange Fanta and maybe a dash and a half of some strong lemon soda.

Carbonation is top notch and you'll definitely get your burp on. For me, it is best drunk straight from the can and super cold temps so as to avoid the use of ice that might water down the peppy drink.

So next time you're at Miami International, be sure to swing by La Carreta restaurant or ask someone who looks hispanic, where you can find an Iron Beer and bottoms up.


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