Monday, November 16, 2009

Fountain of Weird: Manhattan Special

Take espresso, soda and a truckload of sugar, mix it up, bottle it and that's Manhattan Special Espresso soda. As far as weird sodas go, the unique thing about Manhattan Special is that it TRULY tastes like freshly brewed espresso coffee expressed in a chilled soda expression. Is this a good thing? Well depends on how much you like coffee and on how high your palette's sugar threshold is. Mine is pretty ridiculously high and I struggled to finish the bottle because I swear it was so sweet that I felt the underpart of my tongue trembling and my jaw clenching.

So interesting, very, but delicious? Well to me it was a very interesting tasting experience, but I don't see myself buying a six pack soon. Maybe in a few years I'll be working long nights and need something to keep me up that isn't illegal and at that moment, I think I'll have another, but for now, show me the next bottle.


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