Monday, June 9, 2008

Ring Side Scorer: Weekend fights

Here's a recap of what happened in the weekend and what it means in each category.

Matches 1 & 2: Juan Manuel Lopez VS Daniel Ponce de Leon + Paul Williams VS Carlos Quintana.

First round ko's are something of a mixed bag if you ask me, you get the thrill of a decisive victory but you're left feeling empty and wanting more than what you've gotten... well sometimes. These two fights ended in emphatic fashion and I can't say as a boxing fan that I was disappointed with what I saw. In the HBO undercard of the Pavlik main event, there was a bout by highly respected hard hitting Daniel Ponce de Leon, what he wasn't counting on was the right hook of one Juan Manuel Lopez. If you see the first 30 seconds of the roundyou suspect that Lopez is going to have a hard time fighting a tactical battle because it's as simple as him backing up and trying to block a constant onslaught and just when you thought the 24 year old Puerto Rican would buckle under pressure, he reminds anyone watching that a hard counter pouncher will win most times against a whirlwind of punches. Case in point? Juan Manuel Lopez hammered De Leon with a right hook that sent him reeling and from which he never fully recovered. A shaky wobbly eight count later and Juan Manuel demonstrates why he was considered the best PR prospect in the last decade, even surpassing the already impressive Miguel Cotto. What's next for Lopez? Well a couple of interesting scenarios are in play and though the names Marquez and Vazquez were already mentioned, I'd like to see him against some good fighters before heading to the greats that I consider those to be. There are other fighters out there and Juan Manuel just needs exposure and to show what was clear from the get go, that the kid is the real deal. Yes I'm Puerto Rican, but might I remind and insist that I'm a fair boxing fan and I know a good fighter when I see one. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the 122 pound weight division in the coming months because in case you missed it, ladies and gentlemen, a new player has come to town.

Second first round KO, Williams decimating Carlos Quintana. The first fight had Carlos Quintana facing a lukewarm Paul Williams at best. The spaghetti thin punch tornado showed he has more than just a high punch output, he's got a hard hit to his punch and if he catches you, you might find yourself with bells in your ears as did Carlos Quintana. Williams did about as much as anyone could in regards to affirming that what happened in February was a fluke. He not only one against the guy who out hustled, out pointed, and out punched him, but didn't offer him the same kindness of letting the judges decide if he could have his belt back. Note to anyone reading, it'll take a good counter punching body bruiser to take on Williams and put him to shame... wait a minute... there's Miguel Cotto. But before anyone can speculate if a Williams Cotto fight is even feasable, Cotto has a small date with the Tijuana Tornado to see how much control he has over a division that is overflowing with talent.

Third Fight Mora VS Forrest.

What can I say, The Contender became the champion... no pun intended... or maybe a little bit. Sergio Mora's performance was described as gutsy, hard worked and countless other descriptions... but what it was would best be labeled as well deserved. He said it and I agree, he worked hard for that win and he deserves to be the champion. Vernon was just not in any type of a rhythm and he found someone that took him completely out of his game. Congratulations to Mora.... was it a clean fight? Heck no, but we're not here to judge how clean it all was, but who was the better man and survey said and many agree, it was Mora.

So that's all for the second installment of Ring Side Scorer. See you next match.

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