Monday, March 21, 2011

UFC 128 Review

Let’s make this quick, I’ve always been a fan of all combat sports. From Pro-wrestling (which I haven’t watched in years) to sumo wrestling (which I also haven’t seen in years) to boxing (which I’m an utter freak). The sheer nature of combat sports has always been alluring to me and although I’ve seen the momentum garnered by MMA, I’m still a boxing fan first and foremost. Which is all that more curious since this weekend I saw the UFC pay per view event instead of the Showtime boxing matchup of Lucian Bute. The reason is simple though, in one I had to go to mom’s house to see the fight which I DVR’d anyway and in the latter, me and my wife were invited to friends’ house to see the card. So we went to share ribs, cupcakes and a nice night of violence.

But throughout the card, something funny happened. Sure, I could see a crowd of 30,000 strong witnessing the event, but I could also see me and my wife falling asleep for most of the event because there was a genuine lack of interest and action on our part. Maybe it wasn’t the best pay-per-view to assess my interest in MMA… actually I’m sure of it, which is why I’m going to give a quick recap and review.

I will go from crappiest and work my way from there.

5. Marquardt beat Dan Miller

If ever a fight showcases why I sometimes get bored with MMA, it was this one. A lot of man humping, a lack of clean, effective punching and just a whole lot of clinching with no one truly going for blood. Basically for me, you know an MMA bout isn’t that great when there’s a decision had. I want a submission, I want a knockout or I want blood.

4. Brendan Schaub KOs Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic

Two things I’m very sorry to say,1.) Cro Cop should consider retiring, 2.) don’t be fooled by the headlines. Sure the KO came in spectacular fashion in a fight Cro Cop was actually winning, but a lack of true aggression for most of the fight and silly clinches had me yawning. To boot, to me the KO was tainted and Schaub should have been fined for the extra hit he gave an already down and very out Cro Cop.

3. Urijah Faber Vs Eddie Wineland

There’s just no way around it, physically Urijah Faber annoys me. From his pretty boy looks, to his designer hoodies to his luscious locks of hair to his name. The guy is a little douche and physically reminds me of people I don’t like so I was rooting for an overmatched Wineland to land a hail mary. It didn’t happen but Faber didn’t get the finish either. Sure Faber has wrestling skills, but highlights were few and far between and actually referred to takedowns., not a finish. So though Faber got the win, the fans got the loss.

2. Jim Miller KOs Kamal Shalorus

One of the few genuine firework shows that night came from this matchup. Jim Miller is like some Tasmanian devil and his mind is set on three things, KO, KO and KO. Kamal Shalorus is by no means a slouch and for someone who is 38 and I didn’t even have a clue who he was, the guy is tough as nails, taking bonafide bombs from Miller and not backing down. I swear, there were at least 8 shots that could have KOd most mortals and this guy kept coming until a mean uppercut stunned him, followed by a flurry and a knee that caught Shalorus flush. Funny thing though, if Miller hadn’t pinned the Texas based Iranian fighter against the cage to launch a flurry, the guy might have gotten up. I swear, the guy is as tough a fighter as I’ve ever seen and I want to see both fighters duke it out again, and who knows, it’s not like I would mind a rematch.

1. Jon Jones Vs. Mauricio Shogun Rua

But the highlight of the night came courtesy of Jon Bones Jones showcasing talent that tempts me to say best light heavyweight in the world. Mauricio Shogun Rua is no slouch. That’s a big duh, but in this fight he was bullied for 3 rounds until Jones caught him with a variety of strikes and then a lethal body shot that had me wincing in my chair. Signs of a true champion is to control the urge to head hunt and commit to the body and Jones did just that… apart from launching a flying knee, a spinning back elbow and showing power, reach, speed, take down defense and wrestling skills that had everyone asking just who can take this guy on.

So all in all, two of five fights were worth watching... but really, would I rather watch this than boxing?
Not a chance.

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