Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flowers bloom in a garden of waves

 And on the 8th day God made waves

It’s not often a news story truly inspires me to write so effusively, but move over sliced bread, one of the greatest inventions of humankind has been born.

If you want the story from the source, just click the title of this post. There are images, videos and a brief description that will not spill beans as to how they did it, for good reason. Apparently God decided to give some people in the Basque country a visit so they could give the gift of fun ridable waves anywhere on the planet… and yes, I mean anywhere.

The Wave Garden concept seemingly only needs a decent space of water, less than a football field and seemingly less than an Olympic size swimming pool. The technology baffles me to no end, but that pales into comparison to the fascination with the possibilities and the warm feeling that people anywhere who want to learn how to surf, can do so without having to travel or even risk their lives much.

I’ve seen firsthand the mechanisms for standing waves from Flow Rider and Schlitterbahn lore as well as wave pools in the vein of Typhoon lagoon, but I’ve never seen anything like this. Unlike those other wave pools I mentioned, this is the closest to the pure thing I’ve ever seen, and something to think about for a videogame which is more than due.

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