Monday, March 30, 2009

Sorry for the absence

Though I have no idea if anyone reads this blog, I at least owe an apology to myself for being completely absent from it. As part of my 2009 resolutions I promised to write 100 posts on this blog. So lets consider this #1 of 100 and lets count everyone to see if I don’t slack off anymore.

To not leave this post at a meager four lines, lets explain what’s been up the last couple of month’s to explain where I’ve been.

First off, just over four months ago I quit my last advertising job and have embarked on a new career of sorts. True I do similar things to what I used to do, but I’m still working for something different. So what the hell am I working at? Ok, sorry for beating around the bush.

I’m now working at Public Relations for a large company.

So does this mean I’ve given up advertising? Umm how about no. You see there’s still that fun little thing we like to call freelancing and I’m still doing freelance jobs for pretty much everything I have time to do. And what’s best, I’m enjoying the work a hell of a lot more.

Ok so what other reasons can I give for not writing for close to nine months? Well I have a bunch of resolutions, a ton of projects, am already writing in two other blogs, doing freelance work, and trying to make good on all fronts.

It’s an ambitious year for many reasons, but luckily all is going well for me, so let’s just hope I can keep this head of steam up. So to anyone out there who still stumbles upon this blog, not to worry, more material will be on its way. Thanks for reading, hope it's entertaining.


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