Monday, March 30, 2009

Guerilla Food Reviews: New series, old blog

It’s any particular day of the week, and you’re in the mood to try something new. Do you check the Zagat review, do you ask friends, do you trust a magazine review or would you prefer a guerilla take on a restaurant where some random ass guy is evaluating all aspects of a restaurant without giving them the benefit of the doubt or the opportunity to know I’m reviewing them.

This series is pretty much my attempt to give a genuine impression of a restaurant because if you say you’re writing for a magazine, you get the royal treatment and last I checked, we’re not all royalty. We’re normal people looking for a good bite to eat, we want to know what we’ll spend and we want to see the pros and cons of eating at some random place.

As part of an attempt to stem to different topics on this blog, I’m going to be writing restaurant reviews for places I really love to give my honest to God recommendation because in this life, we need to eat good food people. Reviews as pretty much everything else on this blog will be in English and Spanish as I feel that day though if by any chance anyone has any extra question, you’re more than invited to ask away.

Restaurants will be all over the place, price ranges will be given and in the case that I can recommend a wine, such will be the case. But trust me, if I mention a place, it’s because it’s damn fine good. Directions or a telephone number will be given but feel free to look any of these places up on

So here’s to good food.


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