Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Birthday wishes

Today I turn thirty-three. It’s crazy to think how much can happen in a year, how many conversations, how many smiles, and how many glasses of wine can happenwithin the blur of 365 days.

Sure, sure, I know there was a lot of work and that this part of the blur sucks, I get that... I also know that along the way, we lost some amazing people, but look beyond that. Look at all the good things that have happened. Look at those times, those special moments, and realize how fortunate each of us are.

In this last year, I published Only Human... my first book.

Just reading that sentence above is worth the price of admission for me. Add to that that I’ve managed to outsell Van Gogh by 32, and well, I’m ecstatic. Add to that that I’ve begun work on the sequel, am working on a young adult novel about a boy who wishes he could fly, am well into finishing a compilation and have connected to almost 800 people on twitter... and well, it could very well fill me with all the pride in the world...

But that’s just one aspect of my life. Above, I said I’ve connected to almost 800 people on Twitter... that’s fun and nice and it’s fascinating to meet people throughout the world, from Russia, to Pakistan, India, Palestine, Australia, the UK, Canada, all over the US, South Africa, Japan, Romania and beyond... it’s amazing that in the palm of our hands, we can connect with people from so many places... but if you know me, you know that although I love that... I also love connecting with people I know.

If you’d ask most anyone about me, they’d say I should run for office because I tend to say hello to so many people. That’s because some time ago, I decided I wanted to connect and positively impact as many people as possible. Does that mean I don’t have off days? Anyone who knows me, knows that’s not true either. But no matter how bad I may feel, I always try to make someone crack a smile and connect. If you can read this message, that also means you’re on my friend list... and odds are pretty high I’ve sent you a direct message. That’s because I love to connect.

But that’s also just one aspect of my life. The ocean is another. One of the few places I feel the most at peace is when I’m bodyboarding and in the past year, I’ve been able to score some of the best waves I’ve ever had in my life and ride pretty much to the best of my ability during certain sessions when the stars aligned in the sky and I aligned with waves in the water.

Each session was a special moment, which at times I was able to share with friends and other times on my own. That’s because although I love people, I love alone time and often lose myself in papers and thoughts during lunch, playing videogames or some other scenario. 

But that’s also, just another aspect -another layer- of my life and who I am as I busy myself with living it. That’s because I’m a son, I’m a brother and I’m a friend. Although I’m not always in touch, I try that every time I interact with anyone, that I make it count. True, I may fall off the radar, but I try to be a message or a phone call away.

I have a grand extended family of people I would have gone to war with... but instead, I’d like to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from friendship and kinship. I have friends I’ve shared concerts and the deepest conversations with, brothers who have helped shaped who I am and a mother that swells my heart with pride.

But that’s also, just another aspect of me. That’s because I’m a husband and I’ve chanced on someone who inspires me to no end, who gets me, who nurtures me and knows that beyond the big smile, squinty eyes and bravado, there’s a guy who can’t help but write her into most of his works and love every fiber of her being.

And that, even though it is huge in my life, is also just another aspect of my life... because those elements I wrote about are all connected, we are all connected and I thank you for being in my life regardless of rank.

So if you want to get me a birthday present, a wall message is good, a private message is better, a referral of my book would be divine (you can even give it as a gift on Amazon to anyone who has the free kindle app), if you read the book, a review would blow my mind, a cold beer would be awesome and a raincheck for a hug would be perfect. Then again, just reading this and connecting with me is epic.

So in short,

Cheers to us all

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