Saturday, January 26, 2013

In search of inspiration

Inspiration can be a fickle bitch, it can also be the best companion that you’ve ever known… that’s because inspiration breathes and lives. It has emotions, it has feelings, emotions, hang-ups and frustrations.

Throughout my relationship with inspiration, it’s been a hell of a ride and she’s always kept me company. I don’t force her to do what she doesn’t want for too long and often take her for walks to show her the world and feed her with information, sights, ideas and experiences.

Every day we get along better and we’ve even been able to get a bit more disciplined in what we do in life. That’s because with us, there are no rules… no conventions, no boundaries, no limitations. There are only challenges we’ve decided to take on together.

It’s funny because although we’re perfectionists and we get pissed off when we see a typo or a plot hole… we don’t blame each other. We simply accept that sometimes we get swept up in the moment and have little hiccups.

I’m writing this so she knows how much I appreciate her because thanks to the philosophy we both share, we enjoy life and pay attention to the details and the big picture. We grow together, we play often and work hard at bringing out the best in each other.

Although we haven’t been together all my life, I look forward to spending the rest of my days in contact with her, because I think we both have a lot to give.

So here’s to you dear friend… may you shine your kaleidoscope bright in our journey together.


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