Saturday, October 1, 2011

My top 100 films of the decade (That I watched) 91-100

100. Casshern
 – I need to mention this movie for one main reason. The story is weird, the acting isn’t always top notch and the overall flow of the movie is just odd, but WOW does this movie look simply incredible. Whether you like the wtf Neo Evangelion concept or not, you can’t deny the sheer visual strength of this movie and this is probably the only movie on the entire list that makes it solely because of one criteria, hence it being #100.

99. Lemony Snicket’s a Series of Unfortunate Events 

– This is not the most awesome movie ever, but I think it was so beautifully shot and its wardrobe and stage direction was so amazing, that not mentioning it would be kind of a foul. Tag on an excellent score and you have a sleeper hit of a movie that merits at least one watch, though probably a few. Too bad developmental hell kept sequels from being produced, but it might mean animated features in the future, which might work as well or even better.

98. Spider Man 2 

– By far the best Spider Man Movie since the first one was ok and the third one… well let’s not even mention the third one. Effects got a good bump, the storyline was much more solid, Doc Oc was awesome and the movie was pretty much the main reason for me thinking the third one was going to be epic... too bad I simply got Spider Man the High School Musical instead.

97. 28 Days Later 

– A good zombie flick needs gallons upon gallons of fake blood and a scene or two where you might even cringe a little. A REALLY good zombie flick is also gruesome but brings a story, innovation within the genre and best of all, running zombies.

96. Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
 – Another movie that made my list based mainly on its visuals is FF VII: Advent Children. Add to a stunning CGI film some great music and some pretty incredible boss battles and you can forgive the odd bits in between. Simply put, if you played the series and like animated films, you will put this on your list because unlike Spirits Within, this movie DID NOT suck.

95. Bruce Almighty
 – Tell me you haven’t fantasized of parting a bowl of tomato soup ever since you saw this flick. Witty, fun, and without getting remotely close to the hackneyed efforts of its sequel. In short, this movie was güd!!

94. Spanglish
 – Call this my Sandler trio. Starting off with Spanglish, Sandler has a knack for making movies I watch and enjoy. True, not all of his flicks are best of the decade worthy, but I can’t deny that I loved the silky smoothness of You Don’t Mess with The Zohan or the predictable fun of The Longest Yard. However, Spanglish was a different kind of movie in the sense that it had a plot you saw and could actually believe. It might be uneven but when you break it all down, it’s pretty real and it has Paz Vega, so #94 it is.

93. Reign Over Me 

– Second in the Sandler Trio, Reign Over Me is a movie that surprised the hell out of me. Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler don’t always work well together, but it was Sandler’s show to steal anyway, which he did. A movie about coping with grief and the pain of leaving things unfinished. Clumsy at times, graceful at others; a lot like life if you ask me. And as a huge bonus, Pearl Jam offered a cover of The Who’s Love Reign O’er Me.

92. Click – 

The final Sandler flick in this entire list, what sets Click apart is that in addition to good laughs, it has a good message to take with you. Besides, it’s got Christopher Walken as a kooky guy from Bed, Bath and Beyond, Master Hasselhoff and Kate Beckinsale. But apart from that, the whole message of “work too much and life will pass you by” and “make sure you appreciate the people you love” before it’s too late resonated with me.

91. X 2

– Like Spider-Man, the best was left for second. X 2 is all that the first movie wanted to be and all that the third movie forgot to be. The best effects, best action sequences, coolest characters and most solid plot are found in this installment.

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